Assistmach established with 2 partners after long experiences on the production and sales of the press brakes and shears.

We point at making bending and cutting sheet metal an easy, precise and reliable process. We aim to make our clients more productive and quality job. Our point is to become a constant point of reference in the theory and practice of our machines. We don’t offer only machines, we offer solutions and best answers to all our clients. For more than 15 years of experience on sales and direct production field experience gives confidence on performance, quality and service for all our operators.

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Machinery Business Division is where we manufacture and sell machine tools(CNC Lathes, Machining Center and etc.), parts and robots associated with LCD production.

Started as machine tools division of Samsung Heavy Industries in 1989, we have been currently operating our production lines in both Gimhae, Gyeongnam Province and Daegu, Gyeongbuk Province. We develope, munufacture and sell high quality Machining Center, CNC lathe, Intergrated Equipment, Robots and etc. to both domestic and overseas market through domestic sales offices, agencies and overseas dealers.

Machinery business division has been developing the business with a variety of line-ups from small machines to medium and large machine tools aiming at over 60 countries around the world as well as domestic market. We will be gaining a competitive edge in the global market by actively carrying forward the advance of new business such as 3D printer while adding higher value to the exsiting business and intensively fostering intergrated equipment and robots as a future strategy business.

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wemoQuality is in our DNA. That would seem normal, but it is remarkable. From intelligent solutions to output that surpasses what you had ever dared to dream about. So much knowledge, so many possibilities. Special machine building and machine components at the very highest level: that is WEMO.

WEMO is a specialist in machine building and machine components. WEMO designs, builds and installs special machines and tools for punching, bending, joining and working sheet and coil material. We don't take this lightly. We set very high standards. We provide the complex realization of your production line using your production design. From analyzing and joining to integrating. The entire process: that is our strength.

WEMO is active in these branches worldwide:
→ Automotive
→ Domestic appliances
→ Building industry
→ Storage

WEMO flex

The very best car has magnificent options. That also applies to our machine building. Nobody has a monopoly on wisdom. But in our opinion, optimal production is born of passion, energy and pure knowledge. With plenty of room for your entrepreneurship.
Smarter. More flexible. Faster. As entrepreneur you want to change into a higher gear. To achieve this, we have designed flexible modules which fit in perfectly with your specific requirements and wishes. A matter of intelligent machine building. We think (and develop) along with you. Flexible production is our starting point here. Resulting in less costs and a faster lead time. We can easily integrate the below modules in one production line.

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Hwacheon is the oldest South Korean machine tool manufacturer. Today, our company is one of the leading manufacturers in terms of technology and quality. More than 60 years of experience and groundbreaking expertise come through in every one of our machine tools.

An own foundry, own machine part production, hand finished box guide ways - only a few companies have such a depth in manufacturing and experience in craftmanship nowadays.



Horizontal Turning Centers
Hwacheon's horizontal turning centers offer the best performance in their class and are perfect solutions for a wide range of applications.


Vertical Turning Centers
Hwacheon’s vertical turning centers are available in many different vertical CNC lathe lineups, ideal for your mid- to large-size applications.  



Horizontal Machining Centers
High-performance spindles and accurate feed systems are the reasons why Hwacheon's horizontal machining centers are the best choice for the most demanding customers.


Vertical Machining Centers
Hwacheon offers a wide range of vertical machining centers, designed for sophisticated die and mold and precision part production. 

CoastOne are a Finnish based company, specialising in high quality, servo-driven long-lasting machinery, built to endure even the most demanding environments. We are happy to stock these high quality, highly productive machines.  
The Cone C Series pressbrakes exhibit numerous benefits,such as:

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Why you should choose CoastOne Brake Press

Quality, Accuracy, Unique
More reasons why you should choose CoastOne solutions

Ultra accurate
10 times that of a hydraulic press brake Y axis repeating accuracy +/- 0.002mm

Highly productive
More cycles per hour, as no hydraulic delay

Very low power consumption
C9 typical average of 2kw during production

No oil to change and dispose of

Ultra reliable
Top quality electrical and mechanical components, virtually maintenance free,  No costly service contracts required

Plug & play + portable C9
The latest C9 press brake is portable and can be forklifted around a factory and isn't phase rotation dependent


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