Production lines for sheet metal working


Quality is in our DNA. That would seem normal, but it is remarkable. From intelligent solutions to output that surpasses what you had ever dared to dream about. So much knowledge, so many possibilities. Special machine building and machine components at the very highest level: that is WEMO.

WEMO is a specialist in machine building and machine components. WEMO designs, builds and installs special machines and tools for punching, bending, joining and working sheet and coil material. We don't take this lightly. We set very high standards. We provide the complex realization of your production line using your production design. From analyzing and joining to integrating. The entire process: that is our strength.

WEMO is active in these branches worldwide:

Domestic appliances

Building industry

WEMO flex

The very best car has magnificent options. That also applies to our machine building. Nobody has a monopoly on wisdom. But in our opinion, optimal production is born of passion, energy and pure knowledge. With plenty of room for your entrepreneurship.

Smarter. More flexible. Faster. As entrepreneur you want to change into a higher gear. To achieve this, we have designed flexible modules which fit in perfectly with your specific requirements and wishes. A matter of intelligent machine building. We think (and develop) along with you. Flexible production is our starting point here. Resulting in less costs and a faster lead time. We can easily integrate the below modules in one production line.

  • feed-in stations (sheet and pallet stations)
  • punching stations (sheet and/or coil)
  • turning stations (longitudinal and/or cross axis)
  • bending stations (single and/or double)
  • automatic clamping beam exchange system
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